Five Factors To Consider Before Buying The Perfect Home

Buying a new house is always an exciting but challenging adventure. It might be the first place you purchase by yourself, or the big house with a large back yard that your kids will enjoy from now on. You want to make sure all your money is well invested and the new property brings you joy – and no new problems.

In this time when everything seems uncertain, you might want to consider every possibility and, most of the time, the more help you can have, the better. A certified surveyor such as us can offer you a neutral yet complete opinion on the property you want to purchase.

New Home

  1. Water, electricity, gas and other appliances.

It is possible that there are underground cables and wires right under your property – and you won’t be able to see them, for obvious reasons. In this case, the electric company that serves the house as well the municipality should be contacted. In that way, you will know if there is an external company that has the right to use a portion of the property for their utility lines. Besides, it is always important to know the exact location of all underground utilities in case you might want to add any construction to your new home in the future.

  1. Underground rivers and poles.

Concerned about having problems with dampness? A surveyor will easily investigate this and tell you if there is any kind of water underground. Such information can be very valuable – if not a decisive factor – before purchasing a house in a given location.

  1. Boundary Lines.

This is one of the very first things anyone should know about their own property – yet many people and their neighbours operate under the assumption of wrong boundary lines. These lines basically define the real limits of your property so you can check that they match the house’s legal description. This information will help you determine if, for instance, you can build a new fence around your house or add a solarium without affecting neighbouring properties.


  1. Special Conditions.

There might be some special legal conditions that affect the property you are interested in. A surveyor will clarify this by showing you all the legal requirements on the property. For example, if the house you want to buy blocks in any way the neighbour’s access to the road, there might be an existent agreement that allows this person to walk through the back yard to get there.

  1. Accessibility.

A surveyor will immediately tell you if there is enough physical space to enter and also exit the property from the nearest open public street. It will also specify how easy is the access in all kind of relevant situations such as emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, and driveways for tenants.

Buying a New Home
We know how purchasing the house you love can be a very stressing time, and that is why we will provide you with an expert team of surveyors that will make sure you know all the details of the property before buying it. We offer our services in the northwest and all over UK. Because your satisfaction is our main goal, we will tailor our survey to your individual needs. We are chartered surveyors, which means that our company is regulated by the RICS, so you will be legally covered at all time. Contact our friendly team today with any enquiry, and we will be delighted to help.

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