Measured Building Surveys

RB Surveyors complete measured building surveys by using the latest technology to survey floor plans, elevations, facades and external areas.

Whether you are looking to re-develop, shop fit plan, extend, design a safety plan or apply for planning permission, our surveys will benefit you.

Building Measurement Services

Creating accurate measured building surveys requires a comptetent commercial chartered surveyor who is skilled in using the highly calibrated, digital measuring equipment needed to record your land or property.

Measured building surveys can vary in their level of detail and precision. At RB Surveyor Services, once we have an understanding of your requirements we will advise of the appropriate level of detail to meet your needs.

After we have taken the necessary measurements, the site-obtained information will be transferred into a suitable electronic format ready to meet specific client instruction and requirements.

CAD Building Maps and Drawings

Building measurement services are conducted through the use of Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) equipment and 3D laser scanners. These methods allow us to quickly and accurately record the floor plate, elevations or specific areas of your property, suitable for a variety of uses.

Contact RB Surveyors for Your Measured Building Survey

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