The Importance of Office Surveyors

Surveying is the determination of terrestrial or three dimensional position points, and the respective distance and angles between them. These points help ascertain ownership boundaries like building corners, as per government or civil law.

Office space requirements are changing constantly and it’s essential to have experienced surveyors that are aware of updated specifications, demands, and laws about boundaries and properties. Office surveyors help you protect your investment and your business.

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What to Consider

Before choosing a surveyor, you need to consider important skills that they need to have. An office surveyor needs to have experience surveying; being in the field allows for a surveyor to learn from older professionals.

Legal expertise is vital for a surveyor; a surveyor needs to know the law and how it is applied to be able to determine boundaries within an area. CAD and GPS software are skills that a surveyor needs, along with word processing and data transfer. Attention to detail ensures that all of this knowledge is applied on the field, as even the smallest errors can cost you a lot of money.

Office surveyors use mathematics like Trigonometry in order to properly make calculations. Technology sidesteps manual calculations, but a surveyor needs to have an understanding of mathematics in order to know when an error occurred.

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Why a Surveyor is Important

By hiring an office surveyor they will ensure that you have a professional opinion of the locations and conflicts of boundaries. A local surveyor will have good knowledge of the local area and of its buildings, and it pays to hire a surveyor that specialises in office surveying.

If you want to expand office space and need advice on construction aspects, an office surveyor will advise you about the maintenance, refurbishment, and repair along with the design of your property. They work closely with planners and architects, and they can also provide insurance assessment and claims assistance.


Here at RB Surveyor Services we offer quality of service, experience, and continued open communication with our clients. Our highly-skilled surveyors specify, tender, and administer a wide range of works, like the refurbishment of ‘Grade A’ office space, ensuring that your business isn’t affected.

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