Things to Think About When Purchasing Listed Buildings

Listed buildings are among some of the most beautiful in Britain. If you’ve set your heart on owning a slice of history and it turns out to be listed, these are some of the considerations you’ll need to think very carefully about before putting in an offer.

What the Listing Includes

If a building is listed, the listing will include both the interior and the exterior of the building, plus the immediate surrounds. This applies to all grades of listed building.

Alterations and Extensions

If this is a prime consideration for you, then you’d be best advised to look elsewhere. The process of making any alterations, including updating a kitchen or bathroom, is in the hands of the Conservation Officer who will either grant you the right or withhold permission to make any changes to your listed property. As specialist surveyors with a particular passion for historic buildings and architecture, we have wide experience of working closely with Conservation Officers to plan and effect a range of conservation projects concerning listed buildings.

Interior Of Modern Conservatory

Unauthorised Work

The responsibility for any changes to a listed building, whether undertaken by them or not, rests with the current owners. Be very careful that all previous alterations to the building have received the correct planning permissions and have been approved by the Conservation Officer, otherwise you’ll inherit costly and time-consuming problems.

Specialised Surveys

RB Surveyor Services can provide a specialised survey, tailored to your needs, which not only takes into consideration a full site inspection that includes the general condition of the property, but lists building elements and the age and construction of the property to provide you with a full and detailed report on your potential purchase. Protecting your investment by identifying any potential defects or problems before you buy always makes sense and will save future headaches.

Specialist Insurance

Should disaster strike, the Conservation Officer may insist that you reinstate with similar materials. This can both be costly and not covered by standard insurance.

If you’re considering a listed property either as a home or investment, we’d be delighted to talk through any queries so please contact us.

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