What Are Property Surveyors Looking For?

Surveying can help you make the big decision of purchasing a home or commercial property, although only 20% of people get one before buying a house. Surveyors can help you find out the real condition of a building and if there are any problems you should know of. The benefits this brings are huge – you’ll receive a powerful tool to negotiate price and even ask the seller to fix the issues before buying.

But what exactly are surveyors interested in when they carry out their job on a property?

General Condition of the Building

A chartered surveyor will focus on the current condition of the property, so that you can have a detailed report on everything that could possibly influence your purchase, which includes: major and minor imperfections in its structure and appearance (and what they could mean), the possible cost of repairs, if there’s any damp on walls or ceilings and the condition of the insulation.

By engaging the services of a surveyor you’ll also have access to information about the technical details of the construction of the property, as well as the materials used, which can help you decide whether or not you truly want that property. On top of this, a survey that focuses on structure is always important, but much more so if you’re looking at an old or listed building.

Central Heating

Depending on the survey you choose, you may also receive a report on the central heating of the property, which includes its age and condition. If the system is more than just a few years old, it’s likely that a test will be recommended, in order to measure the levels of gas – still, a recommendation doesn’t mean the existence of a problem, and can be preventative more than anything.

Electrical System

Just as it happens with the central heating, oftentimes a test can be recommended for the electrical installation. This can be prompted due to a lack of certification, modifications the previous owners made themselves or the presence of old wires and cables. Having the electrical system checked out can give you peace of mind, as well as protect you against any possible risks.


Not all properties are made of timber, but the ones which are can be susceptible to rot and woodworm. Because this is typically a common material in older buildings, most surveyors will recommend a report on humidity, since most issues with dry rot and bugs are often related to dampness and lack of ventilation combined. The report will include the causes of the problem, so that you can have it solved quickly if you wish.

At RB Surveyor Services you can expect reliable surveys that focus on the important elements of a residential or commercial property, so talk to us at anytime if you’re looking to have a building surveyed and want to learn more about our services.

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