What are the Grade A Office Specifications?

Different buildings have different specifications, and they’re categorised by age, features, aesthetics and infrastructure through a specific classification system. This structure was created so that people like real estate agents and surveyors could use it to prepare market information, survey buildings and justify the price of office space.

Knowing what each category means is important, then, since no building is the same. The question is: how exactly can you differentiate between these classifications in order to get the best office for your needs?

What Makes a Grade A Office?

According to the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), a Grade A building has ‘high quality standard finishes, state of the art systems, exceptional accessibility and a definite market presence.’ The office spaces with the highest quality on the market belong to this class, as they tend to be newer and set up with top notch features.

This makes it easier for surveyors to conduct studies, since the age of the buildings mean they’re normally in better physical condition, when compared to older ones.

Not only are Grade A offices aesthetically pleasing but they’re also often maintained by trustworthy management companies who keep them in top shape – this grade is used to describe offices that have a good reputation in the prestigious area of a city as well.

Grade A buildings and offices tend to have raised floors, suspended ceilings, lifts, air conditioning and other state-of-the art features and facilities, and have been furnished to the highest specifications out there – this could mean mahogany finishes, imported tiles, marble and glass lobbies, and much more. The goal of the architecture and design of these types of office buildings is elegance, sophistication and luxury.

In addition to this, a good way to determine the class of a building or office space is through height. These buildings tend to be skyscrapers and the spaces inside tend to have high ceilings and large dimensions, which makes them easily discernible from other types of buildings.

Why Knowing These Specifications is Important For You

If you’re developing your own office space, you need to know the type of building you’re going to choose. Grade A buildings have high occupancy rates and tend to house only a small number of businesses inside, making them prime buildings in prime locations.

One aspect of Grade A offices that can affect you is price. Rent is also usually higher in these types of buildings, as they’re extremely sought-after by many well-known and reputable companies in competitive sectors, such as financial and law.

Grade A buildings are always in demand, have significant size and are typically located in a central location, making them the most desirable properties on the market. If you’re not sure whether an office building is classed as A or you want to know the physical conditions of a building, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01244 457 937 and we’ll help you with your real estate decision!

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