What is Building Pathology?

Building Pathology is an all-inclusive method in analysing buildings, with emphasis on building defects and performance, to help create the right remedial and management resolutions. It takes into account how the construction, and the materials that were used to build the building, effects its environment. It also studies the building’s inhabitants and can be used to help industry experts understand building catastrophes.

Mike Parrett, who is one of the UK’s leading building pathologists and co-author of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) best seller, “Diagnosing Damp”, states that “building failure is a problem that needs to be looked at holistically.” Issues, such as damp, is poorly understood and is easily misdiagnosed. He also states that no expert in the design, construction, surveying or maintenance of buildings can afford to not apply the building pathology method.

Civil Engineers at construction site are inspecting ongoing production according to design drawings.

How We Implement Building Pathology Within Our Services

We are one of the leading chartered surveyor service groups in the commercial property market in the Northwest, Birmingham and London, implementing the Building Pathology approach within all of our services. We have a particular interest in handling historic and listed buildings and are dedicated to making sure that any repairs, alterations and renovations are done in a compassionate manner. It’s essential to be mindful when producing a solution that can be reversed whilst retaining its unique features.

The renovation of the empty upper parts of Chester City Centre, producing four self-sufficient holiday flats whilst still holding onto its unique features, is a great example of how we have implemented the Building Pathology method within our services.

Our residential building surveys involve identifying the defects, age and structure of the building; the reports we provide are specifically custom-made to each of our client’s needs and requirements.

Before administrating our contracts, we conduct an initial meeting that aims to gain a full comprehensive understanding of all your requests and aspects, such as money spent and time, which are of course factors that are significant to you. After that we conduct our sites examinations, then create an in-depth description of operations that are appropriate for the tender method, selecting a minimum of three experienced contractors.  The lease reviews that we provide are designed to inform the tenant, landlord or investor of any obligations and liabilities that they may endure within their leases.

Our building surveyors use extremely standardised digital measuring equipment to help measure your property precisely. Afterwards, we give you computer aided design (CAD) plans to help you with registry strategies, full development requests, and other such necessities.

business, building, teamwork and people concept - group of smiling builders in hardhats with clipboard and blueprint outdoors

Has Building Pathology Helped Us?

The renovated holiday flats based in the Chester City Centre are in very high demand on a consistent basis throughout the year.  The way we selected contractors for our clients has helped us attain competitive market rates.  RB Surveyors offer a rare nationwide service that has helped us achieve fantastic results with our clients across a range of industries, from retail to leisure and residential to industrial. In addition, we have built strong and lasting relationships with an impressive list of clients, which includes companies such as B&M, Kemble Estates, Bargain Booze, Primark, Procter Johnson and Glenstone Property Group.

We believe Building Pathology is the way forward, ensuring the quality of the buildings we survey are well maintained and our clients are well looked after so that they don’t suffer from the potentially avoidable effects of building failures. So, if you need any help with estimating the value of a property or have any further enquiries regarding our services, contact one of our experts where we are available to help you with any of your property needs or requests.

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