Why Do You Need A Commercial Property Survey?

Many people seem to think that chartered surveyors are only there to survey homes for new buyers. While this is something that we cover, it’s not our only service. In fact, here at RB Surveyors, we are able to carry out valuations on a variety of buildings; from residential to commercial and industrial, too!

With regards to commercial property, we think that having a survey undertaken is essential for anyone looking to invest their money in such a huge financial undertaking. Here are just 3 reasons why every business should consider a commercial survey.

 New Property


The materials used to construct commercial properties are completely different to the ones used in residential properties. Cladding, reinforced concrete, and curtain wall systems are an important concealed system that is more complex than a timber or steel frame.

A property often has the appearance of a typical brick construction on the outside, but the difference in construction materials brings unique issues. A trained surveyor provides you with detailed information about what issues are unique to your commercial property. You will be able to make informed investments that will prevent your insurance premium from increasing.


Health and Safety

Owning a commercial property will bring legislative obligations that need to be complied with. When you buy a new property you will need to attend to new health and safety risks, taking into consideration escape routes and fire precautions.

A professional surveyor will aid you in protecting your employees’ safety. Claims will impact your business’ reputation and profit, which are determinant factors for your success or for your failure as a business owner.

 Health and Safety


Surveying your commercial property as you sign your lease will provide you with a record of your property from your time of owning it until your lease expires. As a tenant, you will save on refurbishment and repair costs by not being liable for returning the property to a significantly higher standard than when you acquired it.

Maintaining your property to its highest standards will minimise costs, as a surveyor will detail unavoidable issues and future possible defects. When your lease comes to an end, you will have a credible and professional schedule of repairs that will avoid any possible conflict.


If you would like a professional surveyor to inspect your commercial property thoroughly, you can contact us to speak with our highly-trained professionals. To follow our news and updates, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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